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Donate Socio Active School Kit

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Many children throughout the world including India are unable to attend school because they do not have any school supplies! In places around the world parents are struggling to meet their family’s basic needs. Even a few required supplies, like pens and paper, may be more than many families can afford. To the children who receive School Kits or these supplies mean the difference between getting an education or not. Public schools are usually free in India, but in the villages and when parents can only afford to send one of their children to school, even a few required supplies, like pens and paper, may be more than many families can afford.

Socio Active School Kit

Donating Socio Active School Kit to one of the Student at Govt Primary School Annasandrapalya

How Can You Help

Now you can help us send them to school with a smile. Based on research we’ve conducted informally, we have put together an essential school supplies in a small school bag that we believe will be a great encouragement to many of these kids and families – a School Starter Kit or SocioActive School Kit.

SocioActive School Kit contains essential items that a typical school going kid would find helpful to get started,such as: a few educational supplies like note books, pencils/pencil box, eraser, color pencils/oil pastel, exam pad, and a school bag.

Essential School Supplies in Each School Kit/Bag

socioactive kit

With SocioActive School Kits our goal is to support kids from financially challenged families to take the first step into schooling. We believe that this support will make a big impact if forming the future for the kids, we would like to call them, a SocioActive Kid. After all, it’s more than a box of useful items — it’s a box of encouragement!

Now you can sponsor a SocioActive School Kits and send a kid to school with a smile for only Rs 600. How?

1. Direct Deposit

Account Number: 34653535339
Account Name: Narasimha Prabhu
IFSC Code: SBIN0016211
Address of the Bank: PBB HSR Layout, Sector 6
Bangalore 560102

2. Simply click the Donate button

on this page and you will be directed to our secure PayPal processing page. You may enter the amount you wish to donate for the ‘Socio Active School Kits’ for only Rs 600 per kid.

PayPal – The safer, easier way to pay online.

Thank you for your generous help !

Teach the children so it will not be necessary to teach the adults.Abraham Lincoln

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